The National Electricity Board

On 22 June 1965, Central Electricity Board (CEB) of the Federation of Malaya was renamed as the National Electricity Board of the States of Malaya (NEB). Committed to long term programme of growth and expansion backed by plans carefully crafted and laid down in the period of CEB, NEB is now firmly led by a Malaysian as the CEO.

The National Grid was one of the plans in full motion. The National Grid or Grid Nasional in Malay is the primary electricity transmission network linking the electricity generation, transmission, distribution and consumption in Malaysia. Electricity generating plants are strategically located at Paka in Terengganu, Temengor, Kenering, Bersia and Batang Padang in Perak, Connaught Bridge, Kapar and Serdang in Selangor, Cameron Highlands in Pahang, Prai in Penang, Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan, Pergau in Kelantan, Pasir Gudang in Johor and in Malacca.

The central area network with Connaught Bridge Power Station in Klang was the precursor of the energy grid; it also tapped into the Cameron Highlands Hydro scheme from the Sultan Yussuf Power Station, and was extended into a western network.

Later in the 1980s, the loop was finally complete; it prevailed over some of the most formidable terrain in the northern Peninsula, and Kota Bahru was successfully placed within the grid.

The National Grid is also interconnected to the transmission network of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) through a 117 MVA, 132 kV Single Circuit Line, which has since been upgraded to a HVCD line. The Grid is connected to Singapore Power Limited (SP) through a capacity of 250 MVA – 230 kV transmission lines and submarine cables. These significant connections provided us the first evidence of rudimentary ASEAN grid on the map.

Plants within the Grid form a power bloc governed by technological alliances and careful arrangements to further the common good for all. The National Load Despatch Centre made active communications possible in order to identify the needs of the community we serve.